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In order to diagnose a patient's condition and create a treatment plan designed for the patient's personal needs, an examination is used. This chiropractic examination in Anniston includes: a case history, a consultation, and a physical examination. If the patient decides to obtain treatment after the examination, the doctor will order x-rays. After reviewing the x-rays, the doctor will determine the most appropriate course of treatment for the patient.

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Included in the case history is a brief explanation of the patient's symptoms, along with a health and family history. The physical examination consists of an evaluation of the patient's symptoms. During this examination, orthopedic, neurological, range of motion, muscle, and other necessary examinations are performed to determine the appropriate plan of treatment for the patient. During the consultation, the doctor will discuss the examination findings, case history and treatment plan. At this point any questions that the patient may have pertaining to the examination may be addressed, and the doctor may make the decision to order an X-Ray examination or to refer the patient to a medical doctor.

Chiropractic Glossary of Terms

  • Activator - Handheld instrument used by chiropractors to tap misaligned vertebrae back into place. Occasionally used to adjust extremities.
  • Cox Distraction - Manual traction adjusting technique developed by James Cox, DC.
  • Diversified - Manual adjusting technique, which involves a combination of multiple techniques of manual therapy.
  • Gonstead - Manual adjusting technique developed by Dr. Clarence Gonstead.
  • Manipulation - Mechanical mobilization of the body's joints.
  • Musculoskeletal - Refers to structures involving tendons, muscles, ligaments and joints.
  • Thompson Drop Table - Mechanical table adjusting technique, low force in nature, developed by John Clay Thompson, DC.
  • Vertebra - Any of the bones or cartilaginous segments making up the spinal column.

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